Another reason why window cleaning is vital when it comes to part of your spring cleaning regimen or house maintenance is because of calcium stains, which present as white build up that look like rain drops or dripping water, typically at the bottom of your windows.

What are calcium stains?

Calcium stains come typically from hard rain. Specifically, some rain contains minerals such as calcium. Though rainwater is typically generally soft and free of pollutants or minerals, some rain can be hard as a result of all of the pollution collecting in the air and moving into the rain clouds and into rain drops. When this water falls continually onto the windows, it drips down the windows and continually dries at the bottom of the window when there is nowhere else to window. As the water dries after each rainfall, if it contains calcium it will bake itself into the
window as a hard crust.

Why is it important to remove calcium stains?

Calcium stains are incredibly difficult to remove if the window cleaning company is not skilled in this process. Many times, if you choose the wrong window cleaning company who does not have a strong track record of delivering excellent results, you can end up with windows that are damaged as a result of the window cleaner lacking skill and the proper technique for removing the calcium stains. Some stains can be so significant that it’s difficult to fully remove all of the stains even with the proper process. That is why it’s so important to clean windows at least once
per year to prevent the windows from becoming damaged and unable to be restored to 100% cleanliness.

Stains on frames

Another reason to have your windows cleaned once per year is to ensure that the frames do not have any sort of pollutants from hard rain water baked into the frames. This can also include construction dust build up that bakes into the frame due to not being removed early enough. In this situation, it can degrade the visual quality of the house, which can make it look run down and unkept. This has implications for others perception of the house, and can have a significantly negative impact on the resale value of the house as well. This is because when individuals come to look at the house, visual presentation is absolutely everything – that is how the vast majority of people buy. Maintaining the externals of your house is like keeping a car in pristine condition for when the time comes that you want to sell it.

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