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So Clean Windows You Can’t See Anything, So That You Can See Everything

Window cleaning always sparkles your glasses! Spring, summer, and fall are wondrous seasons to be delighted in with a mindful view. However the elements that come with them can be a real pane in the glass. Dust from the air and minerals from the rain can dirty your windows, resulting in you looking at dirt instead of the beauty nature beholds. We also provide window cleaning service in Oakville

Our friendly, uniformed technicians are able to clean both the inside and outside windows, as well as screens, frames, and sills. We’re so confident in our services like gutter cleaning, pressure washing & eavestrough cleaning that we back them with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Notice anything? We’ll come back and fix it up for you for free. For more information visit our Instagram!

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Make Your Window Shine Like A Diamond with Our Window Cleaning

DewDrop has been serving customers for over ten years. Our technicians are heavily experienced in cleaning all types of windows: from single pane to double pane, to French pane, skylights, storm windows, sliding windows and doors, solariums, and more.

Regardless of height or slope, tiny or massive, third story or fourth story, we have the right equipment to access and make completely spotless any type of window. We can remove any type of debris: from mud to bird droppings and construction concrete. We’ll make sure your windows are immaculate and streak free.

Window Cleaning Oakville
Window Cleaning Oakville

Window cleaning services we offer

At Dew Drop, we offer an array of professional window cleaning services to meet the needs of your home

  • Single Pane
  • Double Pane
  • Storm Windows
  • French Pane
  • Skylights
  • Sliding Windows & Doors
  • Basement Windows
  • Solariums
  • & More

Window cleaning FAQs

How do you clean the windows?2022-03-22T07:13:25+00:00

For the majority of windows, we work the good old fashioned way: ladders, a squeegee, applicator, and towel. For hard to access windows such as third story or above, as well as very large windows typically found on more modern homes, we may also use a waterfed-pole system.

When do you clean windows?2022-03-22T07:14:28+00:00

This is conditional to which location you are seeking an estimate for. For more northern climates, we begin as early as March until November, with jobs being the absolute latest in early December. For southern climates, we can clean year round.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?2022-03-22T07:14:52+00:00

Most of our clientele has their windows cleaned once per year in the spring, summer, or fall. Part of that clientele does it twice per year in the spring and fall. Still yet, a small minority of our clientele loves clean windows, and has them cleaned as often as once every six weeks.

What window cleaning solution do you use?2022-03-22T07:15:16+00:00

With squeegees we use biodegradable window cleaning solution, for waterfed-pole systems water is ionized through a three filter filtration process so that nothing is left behind.

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